Uber has completed its acquisition of Postmates after the deal was cleared by the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) on November 9, 2020. The Parties overlapped in the supply of online restaurant food delivery services in the United States, as well as in the supply of white label on-demand delivery services. The merger was notified to the DOJ, which issued a request for more details (“second request”) but eventually decided not to oppose the deal.

A transatlantic CRA team led by Cristina Caffarra provided economic antitrust advice to both parties throughout the merger control proceedings and assisted in responding to the DOJ’s second request. The European team included Cristina Caffarra, Oliver Latham, Muath Masri, Gaber Burnik, Pablo Olmos, Javier Brugués, Mariam Arutyunyan, Ajay Pai, Daryl Tiong, and Francisco Mota Delgado. The U.S. team included Yianis Sarafidis, Serge Moresi, Paul Labys, Desislava Byanova, Ishuwar Seetharam, Gregory Kozemchak and Charlie Palfreyman.

The grant of early termination of the waiting period can be viewed on the FTC’s website and Uber’s announcement is available on Business Wire.