How We Can Help

Competition cases are high stakes and raise complex questions of law and economics. We provide an interface between business reality and the economic models which underpin modern competition law.

We apply our expertise in economic theory, empirical analysis and data science to respond to the key issues in each case and provide concrete answers to complex questions. In parallel, we help handle the practicalities of dealing with competition cases, using our experience in data processing to take the pressure off our clients and streamline the process for them.

A key part of this is building a team with the right expertise and experience. Our teams include PhD-trained economists who apply the most relevant economic tools to analyse and address potential competition concerns. We have longstanding revolving doors with the key agencies across Europe and the US. Many of our team are former senior members of the European, UK, French and US authorities. Similarly a number of CRA alumni hold senior positions in these authorities. We also draw on the knowledge and experience of our extensive network of academic associates including former Chief Economists at several competition agencies.

The rigorous nature of our approach means that the analysis we submit to the competition authorities and courts is persuasive and credible.