Global SEP landscape – Royalty flows into and out of Germany

To assist policy makers in creating a policy environment that facilitates and encourages investment and innovation in Germany, Charles River Associates consultants identified the largest SEP licensors worldwide and analysed SEP royalty flows into and out of Germany.

In the study prepared for the Fair Standards Alliance, Dr Benno Buehler and Samuel Zimmermann estimate that global SEP licensing revenues amount to at least €11.3 billion in 2022, with a negligible share of just 0.3% accruing to SEP-holders based in Germany. The study finds that Germany is a net SEP licensee with significant net outflows ranging from €117 million to €628 million in 2022. With total royalty outflows of between €182 million and €770 million in 2022, Germany’s SEP outflows far exceed its total SEP inflows, which are estimated to be between €64 million and €142 million.

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