Damages & Competition Litigation

Artboard 5 copy 3Damages & Competition Litigation

Competition investigations are increasingly triggering significant claims for damages from potentially-affected parties. This is true not just of cartels, but also of conduct cases, and Courts across the world place weight on expert economic evidence that can help them understand the conduct at issue and quantify its effects.

When faced with the rigors of the litigation process, CRA’s experts provide clients with credible, clear and independent analysis for submission in legal proceedings and a track record of experience with testifying in courts and tribunals around the world. They are supported by a strong and experienced team of economists and data scientists. This experience and analytical rigour helps ensure a strong performance when working on such cases and when explaining one’s analysis under cross examination in court.

CRA economists have acted as expert witnesses in numerous litigation matters, presenting economic evidence and being cross-examined before courts and tribunals around the world.