How we can help

CRA’s European Competition Practice specialises in providing economic advice on matters of competition policy and regulation.

Dealing with competition issues is challenging, involving high stakes and raising complex questions of law and economics that call for external advice and assistance.

We can help by providing an interface between business reality and the economic models of behaviour which underpin modern competition law.  The ‘theories of competitive harm’ considered by competition authorities are often based on sophisticated economic analyses, making use of recent developments in economic theory as well as advanced econometric techniques. These theories may sometimes seem abstract or even far-fetched from a business perspective. We translate these theories into the real language of business and work with clients to respond to them.

We have the skills and the experience to understand and explain how the competition faced by the client operates in an economic framework. We quickly deploy our resources and bring our energy and expertise to bear to identify and respond to the key issues in each case.

In each case we assemble a team with the right expertise and experience.  Our teams include PhD-qualified economists with the ability to use the most relevant tools to address the competition concern.  Where appropriate this includes using advanced economic and econometric analysis to provide evidence on how competition works in the marketplace.  We also draw on the knowledge and experience of our extensive network of academic associates, all leaders in their area of economics, including two former Chief Economist at the European Commission.

Our approach ensures the economic analyses we submit to the competition authorities and courts are persuasive and credible.  We also provide economic support to clients and their legal advisors in drafting submissions and responding to information requests from the competition authorities. Such requests often require clients to extract, collate and format large volumes of data to meet the authorities’ requirements within tight timescales. We work with clients and the economists in the authorities to make the process of responding to such requests as efficient as possible.

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The European Competition Practice is part of Charles River Associates (CRA), a leading global consultancy firm offering economic, financial and business management expertise to major law firms, corporations and governments around the world. The European Competition Practice is closely integrated with CRA’s competition experts in North America, drawing on each other’s expertise and working together on transatlantic cases.

How can we help