Sector inquires and regulated industries

We have a very strong record advising clients on a wide range of competition issues in regulated industries, with a particular focus on energy, telecoms, broadcasting, post and water.  These competition issues including allegations of anti-competitive bundling, price discrimination, discounting, margin squeezes and pricing issues, as well as how regulation should be changed to encourage competition in these sectors.

Mergers in regulated sectors also tend to attract close scrutiny from the competition authorities, and often require complex remedy packages designed to accelerate liberalisation. By combining our strength in competition analysis with our detailed knowledge of a broad range of regulated industries, CRA is able to help clients address the competitive concerns of the regulatory authorities in an effective manner.

Sector inquires, where authorities have a specific concern that competition is not working well in a given industry, typically involve a comprehensive assessment of how competition is functioning in a sector.  As consequence these inquires can be time consuming, raising a wide range of economic issues and requiring firms to not only submit a lot of information but also respond to a lot of economic analyses.  CRA has helped numerous clients involved in sector inquires by helping clients translating the competitive reality of the client’s business environment into the economic framework being used by the competition authority.

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