Damages and competition litigation

An increasingly important area is the assessment of follow-on claims for damages arising from cartel behaviour.  Using data on prices and costs for the cartel period and for a period or region unaffected by the cartel, econometric analyses are used to estimate what prices and sales would have been absent the cartel, and thereby provide an estimate of the damage resulting from the cartel.  CRA has played a leading role in numerous recent cartel damages cases: including working with ALSTOM to help respond to a claim brought by National Grid, and with Dow to respond to a case brought by a group of major tyre producers (the first cartel case to go to trial before the UK High Court).

Other competition litigation cases we have been involved in include abuse of dominance cases, anti-competitive agreements (and related damages), and regulatory disputes.

As well as providing economic analyses for the key submissions, we often provide expert testimony before the court or tribunal in these cases.  Expert witness work requires the ability to defend the analysis undertaken in the face of cross-examination. Our experience and analytical rigour ensures a strong performance when working on these cases.

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